I have been training at 5280fit for one year​.

When I started with 5280Fit, I would not let Sonja take a picture of me. I participated in the Gateway to Group Fitness program for 6 months before I let Sonja take a picture of me. ​

I know this sounds cliche, but it has truly changed my life! After years of taking care of my parents, I did not find time to take care of myself. I spent all of my free time at hospitals, Dr. appointments and enjoying every moment with my sweet Mom and Dad. After their passing, I felt lonely and depressed. It was all I could do to get out of bed. Since finding Sonja at 5280, I have seen great results!! I have more energy, I sleep well, I don’t experience any more depression, and I have lost 44 pounds 40 inches and 15% body fat!! I highly recommend the Gateway to Group Fitness. It allows you to work out with people with similar fitness abilities. It’s a small group with no JUDGING!!!

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