I am a 51 year old personal trainer, group fitness instructor, gym owner, producer of fitness videos via Burnalong, participant in many TaeBo videos, Christian and mother of 2 college girls. I am loyal, I am strong, I am fit, and I do not have a 6 pack abs and I don’t care. We need to stop putting so much emphasis on getting fit to look a certain way and start putting the emphasis on the health benefits of becoming fit and strong. So many people quit their fitness journey because they have an unrealistic expectation of what they’re supposed to look like in their head and when they don’t reach it they give up and say this isn’t working and quit. But Fitness has to be about a lifestyle, it has to be about honoring and taking care of your body so you can live the best life that you can. Instead of taking time focusing on what you perceive to be your flaws, take some time today to appreciate your body and all of the wonderful things that it does for you. Change your perspective! AND…NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP! #find5280Fit

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