Hi, my name is Sonja Steward and I am the owner of 5280 Sport & Fitness, Inc. aka 5280Fit! I have two amazing girls who are following in my footsteps teaching what they love! Morghan, attending CSU; and Haelin teaches fitness classes for 5280Fit during the summer and Mesa University where she is studying exercise science/physiology and personal training.

    Many people don’t know this about me, but I grew up in a farming community. I learned at a very young age that you work until the work is done, you never give up, and you persevere to achieve dreams. Over the last 18 years in the fitness industry, I’ve built my business from a passion to help others as I was once helped after having children. As mothers, we give all we have to our children and forget about ourselves! Before kids, I was always active, but never dedicated to working out on a regular basis. I was a size 8 until I had kids. Then the 8 became a 12 and nothing was working to get back down to my “skinny jeans” until I found Tae Bo®! It took some time, but I have consistently remained a size 4 since become a Tae Bo® addict!

    For 15 years, I trained with Tae Bo® Master Billy Blanks and his daughter Shellie. I can never thank them enough for not only teaching me about physical fitness, but also spiritual fitness! I’ve been in several Tae Bo® videos over the years, built a team of certified instructors and became a Master Elite trainer for Billy.

    In 2014, I downsized my gym in order to be with my members on a daily basis. I’ve created my own exercise programs such as Strengthology, Kickology, Boxology and our newest craze Mixology! My goal is to provide a handful of the best group fitness programs under one roof!

    In 2016, I created a new program: Gateway to Group Fitness to help those that want to get healthy and fit but are not comfortable walking into a gym or group fitness class. I’m really enjoying seeing clients prgress from our gateway program to group fitness classes!