My name is Debi Goldberg. My family and I recently relocated to Colorado from Chicago. We chose to make the move because we loved the idea of an active and healthy lifestyle, and what better way to make that happen then to live in Colorado! I am a wife to an amazing husband, Eric and a mother to two wonderful children, Nathan and Katelyn. In our spare time, my family loves to go camping and hiking. Since moving to Colorado, I have discovered that I really enjoy running as well. Who wouldn’t love to hit the trails when there is so much beauty around us? I have completed many 5Ks as well as participated in a Marathon Relay.

    I am so excited to be teaching Kickology, Strengthology, Boxology and my favorite Mixology classes at 5280Fit! Throughout middle and high school I was always involved in dance and cheerleading and I have always enjoyed group fitness classes, especially ones that make me work my body AND my mind. I joined my first Mom’s Challenge September 2014 and I was instantly hooked. The energy was AMAZING and I absolutely loved the challenging choreography by all the instructors. In Nov 2014 a certification class opened and I jumped right in! I love the feeling I get after a workout and hope you will feel the same way after taking one of my classes! I can’t wait to see you at the gym!