Looking For Men and Women who are intimidated by group fitness classes…

Check out our Gateway to Group Fitness Program that was created to help men and women start their fitness journey in a safe and comfortable environment!




I’m looking for men and women that are intimated by gyms but want a comfortable safe environment to learn the skills needed to eventully participate in group fitness sessions.  This program works great for those that have not worked out in months, have gained weight, or have never worked out that feel out of shape, are low on energy and don’t know where to start getting into shape! My goal for you is to have you feeling confident, strong and excited to participate in group fitness classes.

I am offering you the opportunity to workout with others in the same situation. You will feel safe and inspired by your teammates! My groups are up to 8 people with similar fitness goals of feeling better about themselves and becoming stronger and more FIT!  If you are interested in my program, please email me at

Here’s what others are saying about this program: 
“I find that the small group is motivating. I started to feel obligated to those in my group to show up and give it my all. It was also a good introduction to the classes that are offered.”

“I’m fighting to feel better about myself! 5280Fit Coaches really care and I won’t give up on myself!”

5280Fit has been a game-changer for me in many aspects of my life. When I started at 5280Fit, my eating habits were terribly off base, I had not enjoyed a workout in a very long time and I was starting to skip social events (which is very unlike me). I was losing my get-up-and-go!  I had recently changed jobs and decided that I needed to get the rest of my life back on track with my new and exciting career. Luckily, I saw 5280Fit in a Facebook post and decided it was worth a shot. While I am concerned about my weight and BMI, the other changes are really what have improved my quality of life most dramatically. I have been able to run 2 consecutive miles (something I have not been able to do in over 8 years), I have started planning hikes with friends instead of brunch or drinks, I sleep better, I eat better, I have more energy on a daily basis and I am a happier person!  I feel as though the physical weight loss is no comparison to the weight I feel lifted by getting back to a healthier lifestyle. I enjoy working out again and I stand a little taller after each class that I make it through!Everyone at 5280Fit is supportive and encouraging! I have never felt embarrassed or worried that someone will judge me. It has been a very safe space for me to start getting my fitness back in check. While I still have a long way go, I can’t say enough about 5280Fit and how much better I am each day because of their impact on my life!! Thank you, 5280Fit, for getting people like me back in the game!

Spots fill quickly at the beginning of each month so reach out now to find out the details.