Our Team

Alex Elliot has been teaching cardio kickboxing style classes such as Tae Bo and Kickology for 16 years at 5280Fit.  She loves this style of workout because it’s healing for her joints and keeps her in the best shape! Alex is a realtor so she is very busy, but she makes time to teach and take classes consistently! 



Kara Maurice Instructor Kickology, Boxology, Strengthology, Mixology, Fit Total Body Circuit and TRX

I moved to Colorado from Wisconsin in 2012. I am happily married to my husband Dan and have 2 amazing children, Evan and Alana. My family loves living in Colorado and we have really embraced an active lifestyle since moving here. We enjoy spending our free time together traveling, going hiking or camping and cheering our kids on at one of their numerous sporting events. I recently completed hiking my first Colorado 14er (Grays Peak) which was a huge accomplishment for me as well as a check on my bucket list.

I am excited to be joining the 5280Fit family of instructors. I have been taking classes at 5280Fit for a couple years and the community here is one of a kind. I had so much success after joining one of the Moms Challenges and it was because the members and instructors were so supportive and encouraging. That is what inspired me to go through training to become certified to teach, 5280Fit made me want to help and inspire others to feel strong and healthy like I did. Group fitness classes at 5280Fit make working out so much FUN, come join us!!


Hi, I’m Cindy Staab. I moved to CO about 4 years ago from Boston and have loved every minute. I have 2 girls, 13 and 11, and am about to have 3 step-children, 21, 19, and 16. : ) I have always been involved in fitness to some degree; college field hockey player, degree in Exercise Physiology and most recently, certified Health Coach. It wasn’t until after my girls were born and I went through a tough spot that I realized how important nutrition was in reaching your fitness goals. I’ve been involved in personal training for over 6 years and love helping people reach their fitness/health goals. I like to focus on making smart food choices to really accelerate goals. I am loving P90X, Total Body Fit Circuit and TRX, and love being a part of 5280Fit!





Christina Hanson , Certified Kickology, Boxology and Mixology Group Fitness Instructor
Hi! My name is Christina Hanson and I am so excited to join the team of incredible certified instructors at 5280fit. I moved to Colorado from Minnesota in 2003, after marrying my husband of now 13 years. We have two beautiful daughters, Kayla and Emery and live in Highland Ranch. I am a nurse practitioner at a gastroenterology practice in Denver and I absolutely love my job! Shortly after the birth of my first child in 2009, I signed up for a 6 week challenge at 5280fit and fell in love with the workouts and I have been coming ever since! The format of group fitness classes at 5280fit has really helped to keep me motivated and the community that is the clientele at 5280fit is absolutely incredible! I have always enjoyed sports and fitness and my passion has historically been running, but I needed to incorporate more strength and interval training and 5280fit has helped me to achieve this in a fun and challenging way.

My philosophy for fitness is that it should be all encompassing in regard to well being, in such that it is not focused solely on the pounds on the scale, but rather how it can make an individual feel strong, healthy, and confident; and the undeniable benefits of stress release and spiritual rejuvenation are certainly a plus! I have been so blessed by 5280fit over the years and I’m so excited to now be able to give back through teaching and hopefully instill a similar passion in others for 5280fit and for fitness as a whole!


My name is Debi Goldberg. My family and I recently relocated to Colorado from Chicago.  We chose to make the move because we loved the idea of an active and healthy lifestyle, and what better way to make that happen then to live in Colorado! I am a wife to an amazing husband, Eric and a mother to two wonderful children, Nathan and Katelyn.  In our spare time, my family loves to go camping and hiking.  Since moving to Colorado, I have discovered that I really enjoy running as well.  Who wouldn’t love to hit the trails when there is so much beauty around us? I have completed many 5Ks as well as participated in a Marathon Relay.

I am so excited to be teaching Kickology, Strengthology, Boxology and my favorite Mixology classes at 5280Fit! Throughout middle and high school I was always involved in dance and cheerleading and I have always enjoyed group fitness classes, especially ones that make me work my body AND my mind.  I joined my first Mom’s Challenge September 2014 and I was instantly hooked.  The energy was AMAZING and I absolutely loved the challenging choreography by all the instructors. In Nov 2014 a certification class opened and I jumped right in!  I love the feeling I get after a workout and hope you will feel the same way after taking one of my classes! I can’t wait to see you at the gym!





My name is Emily Emmet and I get super excited a the beginning of each month to see new faces at 5280Fit! I love this gym and can honestly say it has changed my view on fitness. I have always been a runner and saw my path to fitness as a personal journey. However, I joined a mothers challenge myself in Jan 2014 and fell in love with the group classes. I flourished while having a built in support group in the same situation as myself. I am a certified ACE personal trainer and certified in FitBarre, Strengthology, Boxology, and TRX. 






Jeani Ringkob, Instructor Kickology, Boxology, Strengthology, Mixology, Fit Total Body Circuit and TRX


Heidi Castro Instructor Kickology, Boxology, Strengthology, Mixology, Fit Total Body Circuit and TRX

Kerry’s mission as a yoga teacher is to lead others with gratitude and compassion in opening their minds,bodies, and spirits toward a greater inner peace through power yoga posture sequence, breath, and meditation. She believes it is a privilege and a gift to be able to hold the space for her students to connect to themselves and transform.Kerry’s journey with yoga began in 2002 when she tried her first hot yoga class in an effort to de-stress and exercise. Throughout the following years, and through many life changes and transformations, yoga has remained a constant foundation that keeps her grounded, aware, rejuvenated, and connected, and inspires her in all aspects of life including teaching. She became a 200-hour certified yoga teacher in May of 2015. 

Kerry is a mom to two boys ages 7 and 5, and works part time as an accountant. She enjoys reading, spending time with her beautiful network of friends and family, and studying Vedic Astrology.




My name is Laura Walsh and I have been taking classes for 7 years now at 5280Fit and I love it because I’m surrounded by other mom’s working for the same fitness goals!
I began teaching for 5280Fit in December 2014. I have been working out all my life and I enjoy a variety of workouts and I love to run!  In the past, I’ve taught aerobics and step classes. My accomplishments are 2 half marathons, the Tough Mudder and a triathlon sprint.  
I love to work out because it makes me feel good about myself. After having 4 kids ages 11 and under, it is my mental sanity time. I love teaching and helping others reach their goals like I have. Helping others during my classes, motivating people, and having fun while working out is what I strive for! Come take my Strengthology class on Wednesday’s at 9:30am!




Hi! I am Mitzi Franz and I am a mom of two. I know how important it is to have energy and focus when raising my kids and want to help other parents with there energy in order to perform their most important task.

I love all things fitness and food. I love food! To cook it, to eat it, to experiment with healthy recipes and to create something my family will enjoy.

I have a degree in Kinesiology, I am a certified personal trainer and also certified in TRX, P90X and PiYo. I just started on my Beachbody Coaching journey and love it. I am excited and honored to be at 5280fit! 



Hi, my name is Sonja Steward and I am the owner of 5280 Sport & Fitness, Inc. aka 5280Fit! I have two amazing girls who are following in my footsteps teaching what they love! Morghan, attending CSU; and Haelin teaches fitness classes for 5280Fit during the summer and Mesa University where she is studying exercise science/physiology and personal training.

Many people don’t know this about me, but I grew up in a farming community. I learned at a very young age that you work until the work is done, you never give up, and you persevere to achieve dreams. Over the last 18 years in the fitness industry, I’ve built my business from a passion to help others as I was once helped after having children. As mothers, we give all we have to our children and forget about ourselves! Before kids, I was always active, but never dedicated to working out on a regular basis. I was a size 8 until I had kids. Then the 8 became a 12 and nothing was working to get back down to my “skinny jeans” until I found Tae Bo®! It took some time, but I have consistently remained a size 4 since become a Tae Bo® addict!  

For 15 years, I trained with Tae Bo® Master Billy Blanks and his daughter Shellie. I can never thank them enough for not only teaching me about physical fitness, but also spiritual fitness! I’ve been in several Tae Bo® videos over the years, built a team of certified instructors and became a Master Elite trainer for Billy.  

In 2014, I downsized my gym in order to be with my members on a daily basis. I’ve created my own exercise programs such as Strengthology, Kickology, Boxology and our newest craze Mixology! My goal is to provide a handful of the best group fitness programs under one roof!

In 2016, I created a new program: Gateway to Group Fitness to help those that want to get healthy and fit but are not comfortable walking into a gym or group fitness class. I’m really enjoying seeing clients prgress from our gateway program to group fitness classes!

Haelin Steward , Group Fitness Instructor: Specializing in Boxology Studying Exercise Science and Physiology

Susan Kamberos, Instructor Kickology, Boxology, Strengthology, Mixology, Fit Total Body Circuit and TRX

Why I work at 5280Fit:  Exercise classes have been a part of my life since I was 15 and took my first aerobics class.  Not too long after that I tried my first Tae Bo class and have loved it ever since!  The moves are empowering, the music is motivating and most importantly the camaraderie of working out with people that love Kickology as much as I do is why I work at 5280FIt.  What a privilege to help others find what I found with Tae Bo® workouts – a waist (after three babies I had lost mine).  My passion is helping others to realize the amazing benefits of physical fitness and how those benefits can affect all aspects of your life.