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Looking For Moms

Who need a little break from their “mommy duties” to focus on their needs for just a bit each day! 5280Fit promises to help you find yourself again through exercise, nutrition & guidance by offering you a 30 day Find Your FIT Program! We will address your need to feel wonderful inside and out since we understand how easy it is to be consumed by the daily sacrifices you make to raise a happy, healthy, & loving family!

Program Includes:
*30 days of UNLIMITED Group Fitness Classes
*Ongoing Fitness Assessments by request
*Nutritional Coaching – 2 FREE 30 minute sessions per month
*Personal Q&A and Support
*Being Part of a Supportive Community

This Program will provide you with the tools that will change your fitness life and how you feel. One month will show you what you can accomplish not just with your body but also with your mind. If after one month you don’t want to continue, then there will be no further cost to you and you can take the tools you have learned and use them how you would like as my gift to you. So what do you have to lose other then inches? Come in, go all out and give yourself the results you have always wanted but have never had the tools to achieve. 


Find Your Fit Program Testimonial:


“I found a body I hadn’t seen in decades with 5280Fit!” “in one month: lost 19.5 inches, 6% body!” “Loved the great variety of classes! Every class is challenging but the upbeat music and motivating instructors pushed me through it. My kids didn’t want to leave the Clubhouse! That made me feel good instead of guilty about taking time for me. Thank you!!! Never thought I’d see these results in a month!!”



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